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World’s first fully automated tissue preserving 3D histopathology platform

We develop a one of its kind platform focused to help pathologists increase their sample throughput from tissue preparation to analysis and answer the most challenging questions in diagnostics with the combination of tissue conserving spatial 3D information and genomics in their daily routine work.

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Our End-to-End Platform

At LIMAA Technologies, we develop a fully automated tissue preserving end-to-end histopathology platform for clinical use. The platform allows to analyze entire tissue biospecimens without embedding or slicing while the tissue is not consumed. The platform is a first of its kind allowing the visualization of tissue samples including downstream genomic analysis, in every routine sample - no matter what size. Due to an increase in sample volume and a general shortage of personnel in the medical field, this platform provides a simple solution for pathologists and clinicians to speed up time to diagnosis and manage ever rising sample throughput requirements. The platform enables pathologists to evaluate guideline specific multiplexed biomarker staining of tissue samples with cellular 3D spatial resolution in a clinically feasible time and to incorporate new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, on the fly.


Seconds for visualization
Percent integration
Minutes sample preparation
Computer Vision algorithms

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